MEGA JAUHAR PROPERTIES SDN. BHD. is a wholly owned by 100% Bumiputera contractor and company based in Johor Bahru. With future development plans to change the skyline of Johor Bahru, Mega Jauhar Properties Sdn. Bhd. is certain that it will meet the markets’ demand and expectation. Our committed efforts have resulted in the completions of several huge-scale Government’s projects both in and outside of Johor Bahru areas.
Our key strength lies in our bullish but professional workforce that has diverse knowledge either in the aspect of technical know-how or otherwise. Coupled with the use of advance technology we are able to provide competitive and quality service to our clients. A run through this website, one can obtain a brisk view of the nature of services that our company can offer to prospective clients.
At Mega Jauhar Properties Sdn. Bhd, WE MAKE DREAM HOUSES COME TO LIFE.

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